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Disaster downunder snapshot

Wind flowed through the air as the door slowly pushed open, excited chatter burst in the air as the young kid stampede travelled in. I felt the stomps in the floor as the small creatures walked towards each other, it was now a silent parade as they sat down and tuned their heads to the screen, it glared back at them like a glowing fire. It felt fresh for work as the small devils reached out to see the now ancient work. Only pictures and diagrams would satisfy, I felt despair as I glanced at my work, not a great amount of visuals yet a mountain of cold hard writing, I now knew that all was quite a waste. It was short time before I could feel the wind gush again as the door swung open, the colourful work flapped in the strength of the air as the kids swarmed outwards from the icy doors.


Gloom and rage filled the area around me, cold emptiness filled my heart. My dreams where shattered as knowing I cannot compete in my passion. Long days of hard tragic work trailed around me, cold sorrow days came up ahead. I turned the rock solid radio on, the words that flowed from the old box where music to my ears, too shocked for words. I couldn’t understand whether it was my mind playing tricks on me or the truth. But I found out. I felt almost fulfilled, there was one thing I had to do and that was to compete in the Olympics.

Chapter 2

Cold air rushed through my body, all I could think about was finally now I’m here and I’m ready to become an Olympian. The whistle blew, hot blood rushed through my body, a shot of adrenaline spiralled down my legs. A row of people dived in, as I splashed fully into the cool water it reminded me of jumping out of my boat, rushing to save people. I swam harder and faster, I was speeding through the water like a missile, I felt as if I was back in the sea, flashbacks flowed through my mind, I hit the wall, I felt as if I was at shore. I may have not won, but I feel whole, I’m complete now. I’m sure others who have gone through what I have are at peace with the Olympics now.