Gloom and rage filled the area around me, cold emptiness filled my heart. My dreams where shattered as knowing I cannot compete in my passion. Long days of hard tragic work trailed around me, cold sorrow days came up ahead. I turned the rock solid radio on, the words that flowed from the old box where music to my ears, too shocked for words. I couldn’t understand whether it was my mind playing tricks on me or the truth. But I found out. I felt almost fulfilled, there was one thing I had to do and that was to compete in the Olympics.

Chapter 2

Cold air rushed through my body, all I could think about was finally now I’m here and I’m ready to become an Olympian. The whistle blew, hot blood rushed through my body, a shot of adrenaline spiralled down my legs. A row of people dived in, as I splashed fully into the cool water it reminded me of jumping out of my boat, rushing to save people. I swam harder and faster, I was speeding through the water like a missile, I felt as if I was back in the sea, flashbacks flowed through my mind, I hit the wall, I felt as if I was at shore. I may have not won, but I feel whole, I’m complete now. I’m sure others who have gone through what I have are at peace with the Olympics now.

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  1. Really good story! I really enjoyed the choice of words and how your sentences flowed. Good job!

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